Daniel Miser

My first week has been full of research and development!

I have looked into the professional bodies IET and IISP and found that IET offer an advantage account which includes several tiers of membership: Graduate, Career, and Professional – each costing a small annual fee. I found that IISP also offer tiered accounts: Student, Affiliate, Associate, and Full Member.
The environment at ITSUS is really friendly and we are encouraged to further ourselves in not just a professional manner, but also social. I find it very encouraging that each person in the company has their own development plan, not just graduate engineers, which supports an atmosphere of equality. It is also a great idea that ITSUS promotes an open-door policy.

To help develop my professional achievements I have been encouraged to take the CCNA and Tigerscheme exams, as well as join one of the professional bodies I mentioned earlier. It is also extremely satisfying that management support my decision in the field I would like to work – whilst also encouraging me to play a role in different areas! The amount ITSUS invests in the progression of its staff is amazing and I am truly honoured to be working as part of the team.

Although a director and undoubtedly loaded with work, Shahid still finds time to make friendly conversation with all the staff. This helps create a tightly-knit and relaxed atmosphere which was evident by his ability to tell us each employee’s month of birth!

My induction plan is well thought out and tailored to suit my current area of knowledge, ensuring I am not overburdened from the start. Small details like this really show the dedication and thought ITSUS provides to its employees.

In these early stages of development, I have re-familiarised myself with some routing protocols. More importantly, I am proud of my new-found understanding of subnet calculating. I have been able to develop the process in which I answer subnetting queries and plan on the continued practice of it to help keep myself up-to-scratch. It was extremely helpful that staff allowed us graduate engineers to freely discuss our views and findings during this process, in addition to Rich providing an explanation and introduction to VLSM.

The last day of my first week has been no exception in my positive experience working at ITSUS. Holly has made sure that my induction plan is proceeding smoothly and that I am settling into the company; this re-affirms the commitment ITSUS provides to their employees. Rhys has been equally helpful by taking time out of his busy day to introduce Tivoli to me and explain the relationship it has in regards to Astrium, Airbus, and IBM. Marianne has also been helpful in explaining things to me, such as the correct procedure to complete an expense form.

At the end of the day, Shahid proposed some very interesting methods in which I could contribute to the partnership with Ixia and also clarified its branding of BreakingPoint and Firestorm.

At the end of my first week with ITSUS, I feel both excited and challenged as I look forward to my own personal development alongside that of the company.

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