IIP Accreditation Assessment

On 16th April 2015, ITSUS Consulting had its assessment for the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation.

Our IIP journey began in January 2014, when we met with our IIP Specialist to formulate an implementation plan. With their support, we documented the actions required to take us to the IIP standard. This included fine tuning our recruitment strategy and performance management processes, and enhancing our internal communication strategies.

The culture of continuous development and open communication already existed within the company, but we were able to refine this by implementing regular reviews of people’s development and achievements, sharing information with our people on progress against business objectives, and using a business social network for our internal communications.

Once the foundations were in place to take us to the IIP Standard, we were able to use the framework to explore how we could take it to the next level.

On 16th April 2015, ITSUS Consulting had its assessment for the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation.

Prior to the assessment we had to decide what level of IIP we wanted to be assessed for. We discussed this with our Specialist and decided to go for IIP Silver, although we would have been satisfied with IIP Bronze as it was our first attempt!

During the assessment the IIP Assessor met with all of our people individually. She had already been briefed on our IIP objectives and the measures we had put in place to achieve them, and her task was to obtain the necessary evidence and practical examples from our people. The interviews were confidential and non-attributable, so people were able to be open and honest with their feedback, without fear of any repercussions. At the end of the assessment day we were informed that we were being recommended for the IIP Silver accreditation, which we were delighted with! One month later we received the formal confirmation from IIP, along with a report detailing what we could do to achieve our long term goal of getting to IIP Gold standard within the next three years.

IIP works for us as a business because it mirrors and supports the way we do things. As a technology company we are required to continually develop our skills and knowledge in order to stay up to date in a rapidly evolving and competitive industry. Alongside the technical certifications and professional memberships we encourage our people to attain (e.g. Cisco, Tiger scheme, IISP & IET), we also support them in developing their behavioral and management skills via the Institute of Leadership & Management courses, and with completing their academic qualifications (MSc and PhD).

Our advice to anyone embarking upon the IIP journey would be to ensure that you communicate regularly with your people about what you are doing in order to meet the standard and keep them involved in the process, because ultimately it is your people who will help you achieve your IIP goal.

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