Graduate Engineer Reflection

Reflection of ITSUS Consulting after the initial months of employment as a Graduate Engineer.

There are many companies that offer network security- orientated job roles – the problem is finding the interesting ones.  After graduating from University, I discovered that many jobs have an unchanging job role – i.e., being required to carry out x, y, z day-in, -day-out, or being on the same laborious project 2 or 3 years running.  Even though they were in a field of my interest, I wanted to find a position something that was not monotonous, and provided me something with job enrichment.
Fredrick Herzberg, a brilliant clinical psychologist, was famous for pioneering the term ‘“job enrichment’”.  The term essentially refers to giving employees the opportunity to use their ability and to give them a range of responsibilities and varying activities to increase that said ability and responsibility. – Training is being a key catalyst in increasing ability.  These attributes, among others, are recognised by the Investors in People (IIP) standard. ITSUS Consulting has recently been awarded the IIP Silver certification, with an aim to attain IIP Gold in the near future.  This is the company I want to work for.  Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
During my first few months at ITSUS I have been involved in a diverse range of activities.  I am responsible for supporting the company position itself for assessment against the security best-practice standard, Cyber Essentials.  This has involved auditing the controls the company has in place against the standard and then accordingly creating a business case to attain certification to the standard.  While information assurance is a particular interest of mine, I am also interested in the technical side of things.  I have been involved in various networking aspects, including the configuration of VPNs, switches and routers and am currently working towards becoming a Check Team Member via the Tiger Scheme, along with 3 other ITSUS employees.

ITSUS Consulting gets involved in cutting-edge work – in fact, the company ITSUS develops cutting-edge technologies for its various customers. It’ is early days as a Graduate Engineer but I look forward to what my future holds with ITSUS Consulting.

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