Our Partners

  • ITSUS’ consistent success is based not just on the calibre of its people but also on the wide range of prestigious partnerships the firm has forged.

    This includes technology partnerships with developers of the highest quality hardware and software, which provides ready access to the most advanced products on the market to support the solutions devised by ITSUS consultants.

    The company is among only a handful of consultancies to enjoy a brand relationship with Qinetiq, who are trusted advisers to the UK Ministry of Defence and it has strong relationships with Cisco and Spirent as licenced suppliers and supporters of their highly-respected product ranges.

    The credentials of the ITSUS team are underlined by the fact that the firm has been appointed by the MoD to its latest Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS4). It is also actively involved in the Niteworks partnership between the MoD, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and industry which was set up to enhance military capability through collaboration.

    This close involvement at the heart of military innovation is further extended by ITSUS’ membership of The Edge UK; an initiative created by leading defence contractor General Dynamics to bring Britain’s most progressive enterprises together to support the MoD’s innovation strategy.

  • QinetiQ