The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster

The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster has been formed, under the umbrella of the UK Cyber Security Forum, by a number of cyber security focussed businesses in the Cardiff area.

ITSUS joined the Cluster in February 2015, and attended the recent meeting on 17th March, during which the Cyber Security Supplier to Government Scheme was discussed. This scheme allows companies to publically reference that they are a cyber security supplier to the UK Government, and use HMG’s logo for marketing purposes. This has not been previously been possible in some circumstances due to confidentiality clauses.

Also discussed was a Cyber Map – essentially a yellow-pages for all UK cyber security companies. It is currently in development by Cyber Connect UK – “the national programme to increase support for cyber security start-ups and small business”. A pilot version of the map will soon be demonstrated to key stakeholders in government, business and academia.

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