Cyber and Intelligence

  • Cybercrime threatens nations, multi-nationals and SMEs alike. It can impact on company profits, share price or reputation and even compromise a country’s defences.

    This has caused many to sacrifice the efficiency of their systems to achieve greater security. ITSUS specialists’ fully understand the risks individual clients face. This means they can identify and seamlessly integrate appropriate software and hardware solutions, to deliver security that is effective yet proportional.

SyBard Cross Domain Solutions (CDS)


  • The QinetiQ SyBard® range of security products is designed to enable secure information exchange between network domains.

    Its strategy of ‘defence in depth’ not only protects business continuity and profitability from denial of service or the exfiltration of sensitive data, but can also identify and mitigate against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Zero-Day attacks.

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Professional Services

Partnering with the leading systems integrators and service providers, ITSUS delivers a powerful portfolio of advanced security services to give your company a competitive edge.