SyBard Sentry – Protecting B2B Applications

  • The SyBard Sentry XML guard is the missing piece from your security arsenal.


    Unlike a firewall or web application firewall, the XML guard assures data passing between business applications. The data can flow in both directions, whether across a domain boundary or between middleware systems.

    Images, files and other embedded content can be checked using the same deep content inspection engine on all SyBard products. XML content can be checked for validity against given schemas, and authenticity can be verified with certificate issuing authorities.

    From protecting the middleware of a banking organisation to allowing cross domain messaging in the military, the SyBard Sentry XML guard has all the flexibility you need to minimise the risk of connecting sensitive systems.

  • Key Benefits

    Allows information to be exchanged between different networks or organisations at different levels of sensitivity
    Reduces the risk of sharing data between different domains
    Protects middleware and B2B applications from attack and accidental data loss

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