SyBard Diode – Secure One Way File Transfer

  • The SyBard Diode provides flexible file services which can be hosted on the diode, your corporate file server or even on individual users file systems.


    This flexibility maximises your users ability to utilise the services of the diode without ever interacting with it directly. This innovative approach lowers the operational and training burden of your administrative team.

    A single SyBard Diode appliance can support multiple file diode services, providing enhanced flexibility and scalability. For example, this enables each user of a system to be provided with their own configurable file diode service, feeding in to a single domain.

    The secure one way file transfer offers extensive auditing and logging facilities which is consistent with UK government policy on monitoring for high security systems.

  • Key Benefits

    Enables the transfer of business critical information between security domains in a highly controlled manner.
    Accredited to NATO Cosmic Top Secret.
    CESG deem the diode to be suitable for use as part of an accreditable architecture for systems of all NATO classifications.

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