SyBard Sentry – Deep Content Inspection & Data Loss Prevention

  • The SyBard Sentry provides a high assurance solution for file transfer across network boundaries, ensuring all files are passed through detailed content checks.



    The content checks allows for:

    • Integration with Anti-Virus products – Ensuring all files transferred are free from malicious code.
    • File structure validity – Ensuring the structure of the file being transferred, and no hidden data is being leaked.
    • Recursive content checking – Ensuring that each document and embedded files is searched for key words.

    All data passed through the SyBard Sentry may be logged together with a detailed content checking report. This level of logging is consistent with UK government policy on monitoring for high security systems.

  • Key Benefits

    Fast, convenient file transfer between differing security domains (networks)
    Zero-day attack mitigation
    Traceability and audit.

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