Thought Leadership

  • ITSUS has developed a firm reputation for innovation and thought leadership within the communications network industry. This stems from its culture of imaginative thinking at every level spawned by its pioneering projects with the CDE, ESII and NITEWORKS.

    The firm’s consultants consistently apply original thinking to the delivery of advanced security services; often drawing from successful Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) with bodies such as the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the Welsh Government and the University of South Wales.

    With extensive experience of optimising and securing networks in the most hostile environments, ITSUS consultants will naturally tackle the technical challenges others prefer to avoid. This has allowed them to tackle the most challenging technical problems for the likes of the CDE, ESII and NITEWORKS.

Centre of Defence Enterprise (CDE)

  • In the deployed battlespace, bandwidth can be scarce and due to current routing limitations, is often used inefficiently, resulting in higher cost and weaker performance.

    Based on its own experience using and enhancing proven technologies in the field, ITSUS can deliver communications networks with military grade functionality. These innovative networks offer optimum performance in hostile conditions while providing additional capacity to meet increasing demand for new services such as Full Motion Video, Biometrics and ISTAR.

    By increasing the efficiency of battlefield networks, ITSUS consultants provide enhanced tactical advantages and improved incident response at significantly reduced cost.

Enabling Secure Information Infrastructure (ESII)

  • Cutting-edge technologies supporting MoD cross domain networks.

    ITSUS consultants are at the forefront of research and innovation, which will both support and enhance the cross domain networks of its Ministry of Defence (MoD) clients. As these networks migrate towards a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) there is an increasing focus on end-to-end service design, fulfilment, assurance, analysis and optimisation.

    Utilising the latest network management standards and partnerships with leading commercial developers, such as Cisco, ITSUS provides the highest levels of assurance for the UK’s armed forces.


  • ITSUS is a valued industrial member of the unique MoD/ industry partnership, known as NITEWORKS.

    Following several successful projects, ITSUS is now regarded to be a ‘best-of-breed’ consultancy with a reputation for providing the highest standard of policy and technical strategic guidance for MoD. This contribution helps to ensure that NITEWORKS continues to build and enhance its added value to MoD programmes.